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Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and supply of equipment related to Gas Meter and Measuring. Since its inception, we have shared history with the world energy and measurement industry and have been responsible for developing technologies and improving energy welfare in the same field. To improve customer satisfaction, we constantly focus on developing new products and maintain a quality system based on international standards. In particular, we have established a foundation for the world’s top companies through the establishment of a measuring institute and operation of a gas meter calibration center, and have expanded our product awareness in cooperation with energy suppliers from all over the world including Asia, Northern Europe, Oceania, and South America. In particular, the residential gas meter sector is expanding its supply amid the high product recognition of customers worldwide and securing the world’s best, competitive edge.

Dear Customers! We, Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd, strive to achieve the management goal of fostering world-class companies as a company faithful to the basics and a company that loves customers, and will do its best to provide better quality services. In addition, we will strive to continue to grow into a blue-chip company that strives to provide true value and satisfaction to our customers in the future.

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