[Company Interview] The 30th Anniversary of Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd.

Leading the gas measuring industry as a comprehensive manufacturer of gas meters


Having competitive edge in overseas markets in terms of quality

There are 14 R&D employees which are more than 10% of total employees… 15% of sales are invested to them.

Actively responding to the era of advanced gas measurements


[Gasnews=Editor Gwichul Park]

Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd (CEO Sukoun Youn) will celebrate its 30th anniversary in December this year.


Daesung Measuring, which started producing gas meters in 1987 by establishing a joint venture with Schlemberger of France, a company specializing in precision measurement, and introducing technology, started full-scale production in 1991 with KS acquisition (MT-3 and MT-5) of residential diaphragm gas meters. It surpassed 100,000 units in 1993 and quickly emerged as a leader in the domestic gas meter market in the following year with rapid growth of 400,000 units.


The company, which has made inroads into overseas markets on the basis of its growth in the domestic market, has received favorable reviews in overseas markets, winning the $5 million export tower award in 2003 and $10 million in 2012. In addition, the company sought a new change by relocating its Plant in Yangsan in Southern Gyeongsang-do to Mungyeong in Northern Gyeongsan-do in 2009. The current plant in Mungyeong is the largest gas meter manufacturing facility in Korea with 21,942 square meters of land, 4,048 square meters of factory, 3,838 square meters of warehouse and 254 square meters of employee restaurant and security office.


Daesung Measuring has been at the forefront to fulfill the satisfaction of customers by diversifying items such as OIML Netherlands Type Approval, Development of Electric Volume Corrector, KS Certification, Water meter, Type Approval of Calorie meter, and Pressure Regulator for City gas.


In particular, in line with the digital trend of gas meters, the company has developed digital gas meters, multifunctional gas meters, and gas meters for inspection to meet the needs of various customers and contribute to gas safety which is a government initiative.


Daesung Measuring, which used to be in the production of gas meters for households, conducted a bold investment in technology, and is leading the self-manufacturing process by acquiring explosion proof certification for rotary and turbine gas meters for industrial use in 2015, and also by localizing industrial diaphragm gas meters G10, G16, G25 and G40 last year.


The residential gas meters of Daesung Measuring has maintained its market share in the domestic market this year, following those in 2015 and 2016. This year, Daesung Measuring, which produces about 1.5 million gas meters for domestic consumption and exports, is focusing more on exploring overseas markets by participating in overseas exhibitions.


The company’s gas meter is competitive in overseas markets because it is so confident in terms of quality. Currently, there are 14 employees at the company’s subsidiary research center, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of the total 130 employees. Also, the global competitiveness of the gas meter is possible because it invests about 15 percent of its sales in research and development.


“Although it is not expected to be possible to use high-end meters in the domestic market without changing the environment, the international market is growing steadily every year” said Sukoun Youn, CEO of the company. “We are strengthening research and development on new products because we can compete sufficiently in quality.”


Daesung Measuring, which has completed the development of its own Pre-paid gas meter and got the relevant international certificate first in Korea, will be launched in overseas markets form next year. In addition, the company has completed the registration of broadcasting and communication equipment suitable for wired AMR concentrators and development of wireless AMI (LoRa) systems in preparation for the AMI (Wireless remote reading system) era, which is pushed forward by government and plans to actively respond to the advanced era of measurement industry by developing ultrasonic flow meters and mass flow meters.


Daesung Measuring, whose mission is “Service”, “Sincerity”, and “Advancement”, is actively pursuing overseas markets based on its foundation of domestic market and is committed to becoming a top-tier company in total measurement.


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