[Interview] Mr. Sukoun Youn, the executive director of Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd.

“Consistent government policies are important for AMI deployments.”


The legal gas meter should be high in precision

By developing new products, it will expand its efforts to explore overseas markets.


[Gasnews = Gwichul Park : Editor]

“The gas meter is a legal measuring equipment that directly measures consumers’ gas usage fees, so it requires higher precision than anything else. However, it is unfortunate that low-cost gas meters are produced and supplied by simple market logic. We believe that the interests of suppliers and consumers need to be resolved so that high quality meters can be produced.”


Mr. Sukoun Youn (57), who took office as the new CEO of Daesung Measuring CO., Ltd on September 1 last year, stressed, “As the quality of gas meters is directly related to gas safety, a market for quality meters should be formed.”


He said, “Since 3 years ago, we have been investing a lot in improving production lines to improve production quality and the results of such efforts are coming out.”


“It’s only a short time, but we’re already seeing a 20 percent increase in productivity and a decrease in the defect rate. In particular, we’re doing our best to develop new products and improve quality by increasing the number of developers to 15 to respond to changing requirements of gas meter markets.”


Mr. Youn, who is also very interested in the AMI (wireless remote reading measurement system) currently being pursued by the government, stressed that consistency of the government’s policies is important.


“Last year, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced a plan to boost AMI-enabled businesses by investing 500 billion won to build a gas AMI in 16 million units by 2022. But after a lot of time, there are no real directions or policies. To expand the AMI supply in existing mechanical gas meters, the Ministry of Industry should present consistent policies and directions in the near future. I’m confident that the technology that some city gas companies and related companies are concerned about can be adequately addressed by current technology and manpower.”


Before the government project, Daesung Measuring has been working on wireless remote control projects in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, and has maintained joint cooperation with many city gas companies and AMI projects across the country. Mr. Youn said, “We are also in the process of pilot installation in the area of Gyeongdong City Gas, and discussing with other city gas companies about operation of pilot installation.


Daesung Measuring, which also develops and produces gas meter for industrial use, meters for inspection, and multi-function gas safety meters for remote inspection (Micom Gas meters) in addition to residential gas meters, leads the domestic gas meter industry by developing and distributing various measuring instruments such as water and temperature meters, calorie meters, wireless remote systems, and valves for heating and cooling. In particular, he plans to invest in the localization of industrial gas meters, which currently have a high dependence on imports.


Last year, Daesung Measuring exported its products to 14 countries around the world, including Latin America, and Mr. Youn said, it will expand its market to the Middle East Asia region other than the Latin American market this year.


The domestic gas meter market is now on the back burner due to excessive competition despite its rapid growth, “he said, adding, “To overcome the limitations of the domestic market, it is urgent to explore overseas markets and foster specialized technical personnel.”


“The global market is also seeing a big increase in demand for gas meters due to increased gas use. We need to explore overseas markets by developing new meters through new investments.”


Mr. Sukoun Youn, who joined Daesung Resources and Overseas Development Department of Daesung Group in January 1986, has been working as the head of factory in Eum-seong at Daesung Celtic Enersys in January 2010 and has been working with the gas meter since February 2013.


“This year, we will actively respond to changes in the domestic market and expand our presence in overseas markets through the development of new products to pave the way as a leader in the measurement sector and to meet the government’s policy of advancing the measurement system through active investment. Efforts to satisfy customers and develop the gas industry will continue. Please kindly watch what we’ll do”


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