DEVC 1301

DEVC-1301 receives the pulse output of the gas meter, measures the temperature and pressure of the gas, and converts the gas volume to the reference temperature and pressure.

  • Compact design
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Reflecting the design of various service functions.
  • Minimize power consumption
  • High precision
  • Easy to set up without any other equipment
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Gas Volume Conversion Equation

Vb : VOLUME under the default condition.

Vm : VOLUME under the measurement condition.

Pb : PRESSURE under the default condition.

P : PRESSURE under the measurement condition.

Tb : TEMPERATURE under the default condition.

T : TEMPERATURE under the measurement condition.

Zb : Compression Factor of Gas under the default condition.

Z : Compression Factor of Gas under the measurement condition.


Exterior of Devices

Additional information


RS-232 / RS-485

Pressure Sensor

Measuring range : 0.8 ~ 2.5 Bar (basic)
2~10 Bar / 4~20 Bar (optional)
Connection type : 1/4 NPT Female
Cable length : 2.5m

Temperature Sensor

Measuring range : -25°C ~ +60°C
Precision : below 0.1% of reading
Cable length : 2.5m

Compression rate calculation

AGA-8 92DC, AGA NX-19mod, AGA 8-G1, AGA8-G2, SGERG-88, Fixed

LF Pulse input

4 digital inputs (LF or Binary)
Maximum input frequency : 10Hz
Various pulse input
Tampering detection input => Prevent external manipulation input

Digital output

4 digital outputs (Pulse or Rs-232 : up to 30m)
Pulse output : Measurement volume, Conversion volume
Binary output
4-20mA analog output (optional)


8 basic items on the LCD and additional items can be selected
Parameters, system identification and device diagnostics
Device configuration settings can be changed
128×64 Pixel


Battery(standard) : at least 5 years (under the standard condition)

IP Code


Explosion-proof certification

Ex ia IIC T4/T3 (certification number : 15-GA2BO-0746X)

Data Protection

Secret code system
Switch inside the device

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